BS101_Cover2RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Bicycle Sharing 101: Getting the Wheels Turning provides a practical roadmap from conceptualization to implementation of a Public Bicycle System.

Aimed at anyone who wants a real-life look at getting a system going, the book details how to take the concept of bicycle sharing and to implement it in the diverse political, economic and social environments around the globe. It’s about applying bike sharing theory to the real world, getting to enjoy that first ride, and seeing it transform a city.

With the recent successes of internationally prominent bike sharing systems in almost every region of the world, there is a plethora of facts, figures and comparisons available. What has been lacking is a practical, all-encompassing guide on how to set it all in motion. Sustainable transport specialist Bradley Schroeder combines advice on developing a robust physical design with a well-developed operational and financial plan that can navigate the diverse landscapes that are the reality in every community.

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